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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) *

C&EE 180Introduction to Transportation Engineering

C&EE C181/281:  Traffic Engineering Systems – Operations and Control

C&EE C185/285:  Transportation Systems Analysis

C&EE C186/286:  Intelligent Transportation Systems

* The CEE transportation courses are taught or co-taught by Dr. Ma, and interested students are encouraged to reach out via email for course details.

Other Transportation Courses Offered to Our Students at UCLA Samueli and Luskin

UP 251:  Transportation and Land Use: Parking

UP 253:  Travel Behavior Analysis

UP 254:  Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

UP 255:  Shared Mobility Policy and Planning

UP 256:  Transportation Economics, Finance, and Policy

UP 258:  Transportation and Environmental Issues

UP 206B:  Advanced Geographic Information Systems

ECE 232B:  Queueing Systems and Intelligent Transportation Networks